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Mine eyes have seen the glory

I did something this past weekend I hadn't done in months or maybe even honestly in years.  I found myself wandering the streets of Chicago and I very blindly went into a church and sat down and meditated.  I went to confession.  I said a rosary.  I found myself rejuvenated.  The spirit was flowing within me.  I had set off on that walk by tacit agreement with my new good friend.  After some serious stimulation and, we both decided we needed to pray and get some fresh air.  And it came at just the right time. Spiritually I've been at my lowest lately.  Not even the Taoist theology that I find fascinating and enlightening could save me this time.  I needed to return to my roots.  My very Scottish and Irish Catholic roots. Family, food, faith.  (and for me my father too)

I needed this weekend at home to get my present reconciled with my past.  Going to Mass every day has brought me back to the path I feel I need to be following.  Even if this path doesn't lead me where I want it to it's still led me away from where I am now.  Here.  Depressed.  Heart broken.  Angry.  Who wants to wallow like that indefinitely?  I found more forgiveness for Chris and his unfaithfulness to me for three years.  (I'll continue this thread on the bhanonymous community later)

Life is a journey not to be wasted or missed out on.  Makes me even more excited about my trip to Europe next month.


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